Giliana Gavioli

Mural art master & designer

Giliana Gavioli’s origins are permeated by art and history, as it turns out for many Italians. In her specific case, however, mural decoration is a family tradition.

Giliana’s father, in-fact, was a well appreciated painter and decorator and she has been raised among raw umber pigments and brushes, developing and nurturing a sophisticated aesthetic sense.

Her artistic training evolved while attending the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna where, since 2011, she has been teaching “Fresco methodology and technique”.

Giliana Gavioli

Giliana Gavioli

According to Leon Battista Alberti, decoration is a mean to beautify the architecture that houses it.

That’s my philosophy as well: decorating the walls of a house brings them alive, infusing further, deeper meaning , making them personal, and hence more valuable.

As a mural art master, I design the flat spaces of walls and ceilings, giving them dimensions and meaning.

As a restorator, I return the past to its true appearance, not invading it, but rediscovering it.

As an entrepreneur, I provide clients with the perfectly balanced combination of artistry and professionalism.

Giliana Gavioli’s background is drenched in art and in history as is for most Italians; but, unlike the majority, there’s also a family tradition at play.

Her father was an appreciated painter and decorator, so Giliana grew up surrounded by earth colors, brushes and a keen sense of aesthetics.

Formal training at local specialized schools and at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna, followed by many specialization courses have sustained Giliana’s artistic path. As of 2011, Giliana is a professor of “methodology and techniques of frescos” at her Alma Mater in Bologna.

Her work as a restorator includes many projects both for scientific and conservative restorations, for private residences and for public structures, often developed under the strict surveillance of the relative “Soprintendenza” (Italian Offices for the conservation of the artistic and historic heritage).