Interior design

Tradition and innovation for interior design.

Gavioli Studio designs exclusive and precious interior finishes,
shaped by the unique esthetics of each home and
respectful to the soul and personality of those who live in it.


…”it is an embellishment added to the bearing architecture”

Leon Battista Alberti

Fresco is an antique technique devised to enhance the

most beautiful architectural works. The Italian historical

palaces still, to this day, are astounding for the refined

and accurate details.

All along the Gavioli Studio has been active

in pursuing this heritage, becoming widely recognized

as being a real center of excellence in adding value to the

most prestigious and private mansions.

Technological innovation

Technological innovations can bring huge benefits even in

such an artistic field as mural decoration.

One, among many recently developed by the Gavioli Studio,

makes possible the realization of big decorative surfaces

by transferring the in studio hand painted layer on

any provided surface.

This innovative technique allows you to maintain the

project artistic integrity while transferring the work, without

any compromise on quality or realization - always performed

by capable hands.